Japanese Language Studies

Progress Update: Japanese Studies

I have been procrastinating a lot with my Japanese studies, and progress has been slow. I get motivated, I study for a while, and then life gets in the way and I stop. Then, I pick it back up again after a few months, and the cycle continues. I have found it quite difficult to maintain a consistent study schedule, and being in graduate school has made it more challenging. Of course, as the saying goes, making up excuses is itself its own excuse!

And so, I have a new goal: Complete Genki Vol. 1 by the time I graduate with my Master’s degree (which will officially be in May of next year).

In this post, I’ll be sharing what I have been up to lately with regards to my self-studying.

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In my journey to learn new languages, I came across a language that I had never heard of before. What’s more, this language is really easy to learn, and helps with learning foreign languages that are more complicated.

So what language is it?

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Learning Chinese Characters The Easy Way


My last post here was on May 23rd. I haven’t been keeping up with my Reader or my blog in all this time because I have been preoccupied with medical school applications and studying for the MCAT exam (which I’m registered to take on the 21st of August). I have been quite busy!¬†However, I found a few minutes to myself today, and thought an interesting post was in order.

Check out this fascinating (and quite humorous!) TED talk by ShaoLan Hsueh about how Chinese characters can be learned much more easily than a native English speaker would think.

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