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So You Want to be a Scientist

I began my graduate school program in August of 2016, and I’ll be finishing at the end of the upcoming fall semester this year, in December 2017. I’ll be graduating with a Master’s degree, in Neuroscience.

In this post, I’ll be talking about what I have learned in the program so far, in terms of skills and things I have had to get accustomed to. I’ll also briefly list out some reasons why I decided not to go to medical school.

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Blog Updates

Blog Update!

Hello again!

As you may have noticed, this blog has a new layout, and different navigation items! Brain Bonbons has been around since 2013, and in light of my changes in interests since the time I stopped posting in 2015, I decided a blog overhaul was much needed.

Other blog changes include:

  • Removal of old posts I felt were no longer relevant for the blog
  • Edits to the Meet the Blogger page
  • Edits to the sidebar
  • Slight edits to the header (matching font and color scheme with the rest of the blog!)
  • Addition of tags to all published posts to facilitate WordPress-wide searching
  • Edits to page content and removal of irrelevant pages from the header navigation

Over the next week and a half, I will be very busy with schoolwork, as the semester is ending. I have a presentation, a formal lab report, a research proposal, a poster, and a quiz within this time frame, which leaves little to no time for blogging. As such, posts will resume in May, after the semester has ended. I posted once a week prior to my long hiatus, and I would like to keep this pace up for future posts!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more cool things! :)


Need a memory boost?


Today, I’ll be sharing some fascinating tips that I have read about memory from John Medina’s best-selling book, Brain Rules. I first picked up this book because of my deep interest in neuroscience, but as I was reading it, I learned a lot about how the brain stores and recalls information – and found it highly relevant to my academic pursuits!

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What is Your SuccessType?

In my journey to better understand how I learn so that I can improve upon my study skills and learn new ones, I found an amazing book by Dr. John Pelley, a professor and advisor at Texes Tech University School of Medicine. Dr. Pelley noticed that many first-year medical students – who had excellent grades in their undergraduate careers – were struggling in medical school.

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The Only Book You’ll Ever Need to Study

After reading through Stella Cottrell’s incredible book, The Study Skills Handbook, I learned so much about how I learn best and how I can implement strategies to help me study smart, not hard. I found this book at my campus bookstore, and I highly recommend it to all learners – not just college students. Although I’m not a freshman student (and the book is very much freshman-oriented), there were a few chapters with surprisingly useful advice and tips that I felt were relevant for my studies.

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Blog Polls

Blog Poll: What Kinds of Posts Would You Like to See?


I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving! :)

Today, I’m going to share a poll:

I would greatly appreciate your feedback and ideas! I am also considering having a monthly poll about interesting topics that can encourage discussions! Is this a good idea too?

(On another note, over my short Thanksgiving break, I am preparing for final exams and watching documentaries during my study breaks. Check out my bookshelf page for a list – albeit a short one – for some documentaries I have watched!)

Thank you for your feedback! Stay tuned for more cool things! :)

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A Review of A Few iPad Apps for Sketchnoting


As promised in a previous post, today I’m going to talk about some apps that I have tried out on my iPad tablet to sketchnote during my class lectures. Before I start, I should note that I have an Adonit Jot Classic stylus, and I’ve found it to be really easy to work with and use as long as: a) I have a sleeve on my hand to prevent my palm from interacting with the app as I’m working, or b) the app has some sort of built-in “guard” to prevent my wrist or palm from interacting with the app. There are fancier styluses with built-in Bluetooth that do the latter, but as I don’t have money to buy one and I already have a functioning stylus, I’m content using a jacket sleeve (maybe a fingerless glove would work better?).

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