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Blog Update!

Happy November!

Halloween has come and gone, and I haven’t made a post here in a month. Yikes! Research and report writing, as well as job hunting, have been keeping me quite busy, but that’s no excuse for my lack of writing here.

Updates in this post:

  • Science Fridays
  • Codestellation
  • Progress in Python and Japanese studies

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Blog Updates

Blog Update!

Hello again!

As you may have noticed, this blog has a new layout, and different navigation items! Brain Bonbons has been around since 2013, and in light of my changes in interests since the time I stopped posting in 2015, I decided a blog overhaul was much needed.

Other blog changes include:

  • Removal of old posts I felt were no longer relevant for the blog
  • Edits to the Meet the Blogger page
  • Edits to the sidebar
  • Slight edits to the header (matching font and color scheme with the rest of the blog!)
  • Addition of tags to all published posts to facilitate WordPress-wide searching
  • Edits to page content and removal of irrelevant pages from the header navigation

Over the next week and a half, I will be very busy with schoolwork, as the semester is ending. I have a presentation, a formal lab report, a research proposal, a poster, and a quiz within this time frame, which leaves little to no time for blogging. As such, posts will resume in May, after the semester has ended. I posted once a week prior to my long hiatus, and I would like to keep this pace up for future posts!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more cool things! :)

Blog Updates

Happy 1st Birthday, BrainBonBons!

I logged into WordPress today to see what’s new in my newsfeed, and lo’ and behold – today marks one year since I made my blog! Hooray! :D


One year ago today, I decided to make a WordPress blog for my life-changing university course titled “A Day in the Life of Dr. Caswell.” (Dr. Caswell was my professor.) The goal of the class was to encourage students to think outside the box, using divergent thinking, new brainstorming ideas, and bottom-up approaches to solve problems and harness our creativity. Each of us had a final project in the class, and assignments each week that were geared towards exploring possible ideas and avenues for our individual projects. These assignments were aptly titled “Investigations,” and because they were peer-reviewed by our classmates, we needed to have a means of giving them access via a “Learning Portfolio.” My solution? A public blog!

After the conclusion of my class and the presentation of my final project (about polymer clay chemistry, in fact! See my series of posts about it here!), I decided that I would keep this blog running. Throughout the rest of the semester, after our 8 Investigations were completed, I frequently updated my blog with cool and interesting things that I found throughout the Web. This fueled my creativity and encouraged me to broaden my academic horizons, and so I decided that I would keep this blog going.

And here I am! One year later, and this blog is going strong! And I’m loving every post along the way. Thanks so much for sticking around with me, everyone! It’s always much appreciated. :)

With that, I hope another year will go by and my favorite blog will continue to be updated as I share my thoughts and interests with the world.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned!

Blog Updates

New URL and Blog Name!

Just out of curiosity, I Googled my previous blog name, “Think Tank,” to see how many other blogs had the same name. I was disappointed to find that there were several!

I wanted to come up with a newer name, one that was more original and unique. Initially, I thought of “Brain Candy,” but another search revealed that that name was already used for other things (i.e. a movie, an educational program, etc.).

Still determined to include some sort of candy reference in my blog’s name (I love candy and sweets!) at last I figured it out: “Brain Bonbons!” I wanted a name that would express my love for learning and exploring new things, as well as my passion for sharing my growing knowledge and interests with others. “Brain Bonbons” implies not only a love for learning, but a love for learning in a bite-size fashion. Just like bonbons are bite-sized to be savored, so is learning in bite-sized pieces!

When I changed my blog name, I also wanted to change my URL. I decided to keep “” in case I wanted it in the future. However, this URL is now listed as a separate blog under the “My Blogs” page on the Dashboard, and from what I can see, there is no way to delete it. There’s also no way to transfer any blog stats without buying the Site Redirect, which costs money and needs renewing. That’s definitely not an option for me, so I guess I’ll just start fresh!

What do you think of my new blog name? I’d love to hear some feedback!

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more cool things! :)