A Day in the Life

My “Science in the Day of a Life” university course was all about fundamentally changing how we learn, and developing the skills we need to be better learners — including divergent thinking, creativity, innovation, looking at things through fresh and unfamiliar perspectives, and the freedom to come up with ideas without the judgment of others. Ultimately, the course was geared towards the development of a final project, and throughout the semester, “investigations” were assigned to help us develop our projects. One of the requirements of the course was to have all of our work in one place in a “learning portfolio” that our peers could easily access, which led to the creation of this blog. Since the end of the course way back in spring of 2013, I haven’t stopped blogging since!

This page is a collective resource for the work that I did for my class.


Final Project Research

The most interesting thing about the research I did throughout the time I worked on my final project for the course was that my project changed so much. I went from optics and scanning hardware research to research about polymer chemistry and clay crafting! This complete 180 in my project, I feel, led me to gain a deeper appreciation for how the mind works, for divergent thinking as a creative process, and for learning.


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