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A Review of A Few iPad Apps for Sketchnoting


As promised in a previous post, today I’m going to talk about some apps that I have tried out on my iPad tablet to sketchnote during my class lectures. Before I start, I should note that I have an Adonit Jot Classic stylus, and I’ve found it to be really easy to work with and use as long as: a) I have a sleeve on my hand to prevent my palm from interacting with the app as I’m working, or b) the app has some sort of built-in “guard” to prevent my wrist or palm from interacting with the app. There are fancier styluses with built-in Bluetooth that do the latter, but as I don’t have money to buy one and I already have a functioning stylus, I’m content using a jacket sleeve (maybe a fingerless glove would work better?).

With that, here’s a list of the apps that I have tried out so far, along with my opinion of a rating. All of these are free to download onto your iPad tablet. There are two others that I would like to try, but they are not free, so I’m a bit hesitant to purchase them just yet. (These other two apps are Flipink and GoodNotes.)

  • Bamboo Paper by Wacom – 4/5 (no lasso tool)
  • Sketchbook Express by Autodesk – 2/5 (lags a lot on my tablet)
  • Moleskine by Moleskine – 5/5 (I just need a more sensitive stylus!)
  • INKredible – 4/5 (no notebooks)
  • Inkflow by Qrayon – 5/5 (Love the built-in wrist guard it has!)
  • Penultimate by Evernote – 5/5 (Has an amazing zoom in/out feature to make handwriting neater!)
  • Paper by 53 – 2/5 (Minimal free functions, no notebooks)
  • Adobe Ideas by Adobe – 1/5 (lags a lot on my tablet, no notebooks, only 1 brush)

Typing up the pros/cons of each app would take up a lot of text space here, so instead, I made an infographic! Check it out here! (Also, I’d like to add that after a few days of note-taking, Penultimate has been my favorite app to work with because of it’s highly useful zooming in/out and automatic scrolling as you write features! Although the free version doesn’t have a color wheel, I find myself writing too quickly to keep up in class rather than worry about picking colors.)

I hope this post was helpful and informative! Stay tuned for more cool things! :)


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