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My First Visual Novel

Hello, everyone! Happy Summer! :)

I have been on summer break for almost two weeks now, and it has been a quite productive break so far! I have been working on research for a thesis (for the Honors College at my university), as well as pursuing other interests in my free time, such as knitting (I’m working on arm warmers for the fall season!) and…

…visual novels! (Remember my post about visual novels last June?)

I have decided to get over my fear of code and programming and try to learn how visual novel engines work. After some thought, I decided to start working with Ren’Py, because the LemmaSoft Forums seem to be more active than the forums for Novelty. (And, Ren’Py is based off of the programming language, Python, which I can learn more about if needed.)

After some research, reading, and a little trial and error, I finally managed to make a short demo of a game! Although it doesn’t have much of a plot and the artwork in it – namely, the character sprites and backgrounds – is not my own (according to the forums, the artwork was free to use as it was not licensed), I must admit that I had a lot of fun working on it and figuring things out. It was a great learning experience! I hope to learn more and more with the engine, and I’m looking forward to the process! (If you want to play my game demo, you can download it here! Just click on the large green download button, unzip the file, and run the application file to start the game.)

When it comes to programming, I’ve noticed that books about coding are called “cookbooks,” and the tutorials for how to write and use the code are called “recipes.” This kind of ringed a bell for me – no wonder the LemmaSoft Forums have a “Ren’Py Cookbook” board! (Talk about being a complete newcomer, haha!) To make the learning process easier on myself, I have started taking notes in a notebook about the Ren’Py code and how to use it for making visual novels – you could say I’m making my own cookbook! I would also like to work on developing my own stories and characters – and hopefully someday, make my first full-length game!

If you’re interested in playing my demo game, I’d love to hear your thoughts about it! Leave me a comment below! :)

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more cool things! :)


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