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Tiny Houses: Sustainable Cuteness

Ever since I found photos of “tiny houses” on StumbleUpon, I have been fascinated with the idea and quite taken with the design aspects – both construction and interior design. (And, the idea of living off the grid with few possessions is also fascinating!)


On average, one of these houses ranges anywhere from 120 – 500 square feet in size. Pretty tiny, right? But don’t let that fool you – these houses are quite efficient because of their small size. A survey of 120,000 tiny house owners found that the average cost of a tiny house built from scratch is only $23,000 – or, one-twentieth of the average cost of a house in the United States including mortgage interest!

Despite their small size, by no means are these houses a low standard of living! Check out these photos!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more cool things! :)


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