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Why I’m Going to “Sketchnote” & Why You Should Too!

Before I start talking about sketchnoting, I am pleased to announce that this is my 100th post here on WordPress! Hooray! What a milestone! :)

So! I first came across sketchnoting as a learning tool back in July of 2013 (and blogged about it!), but although I really liked the idea, I wasn’t sure how to go about using it for school – especially since virtually all of my required coursework consists of science classes.

However, I have noticed that rote memorization for taking exams is no longer sufficient; I need to recall learned information even after exams are taken. Not only will this be critical for the MCAT, but also for medical school and my future career as a physician. Physicians are required by law to  renew their licenses (every 2 years, I believe), which requires a successful examination. How will I prepare for these exams, which are surely much more difficult and information-laden than the exams I am facing in school now, as an undergraduate?

As part of my goals for this new year, I am working on improving my study habits and skills. I am participating in workshops offered in the campus library, and I even bought a study skills workbook. I do have some skills (otherwise I would’ve switched majors a long time ago!) but I feel that I can improve upon them and learn new ones to help make learning more efficient and longer-lasting. To accomplish this goal, I will be evaluating my own habits and finding new ones to commit to – such as taking sketchnotes in my classes. There is a treasure trove of resources on the Internet for this tool and how to use it, and I intend on sifting through them to find what will help me the most.

So why should you guys try sketchnoting too? Here are five great reasons!

  1. To communicate your ideas better to others
  2. Improve listening skills
  3. Facilitates easier recall of important information
  4. Improve drawing skills
  5. FUN!!

With that, I would like to point out that there is a new page listed on the menu at the top just for sketchnoting! This page will be updated as I find more resources to share with you all. I will also post my sketchnoting progress here on this blog.

Thanks for reading! :)


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