My First Comic Book Store Visit

I visited a really cool (but expensive!) comic book store the day before yesterday, and I had a great time! I wanted to blog about it here because it was my first time going to a comic book store. (One of many, I hope?)

I’m not too familiar with comic books other than manga, so it was really interesting to see so many different artists and styles. I also enjoyed seeing old comics of Batman and Robin — it’s amazing that they used to be only 10 cents! (The store was selling them from $60 and up. Talk about major price inflation!) The store was also full of collectible figures of characters as well, which was really cool. (The mini Batgirl ones were awesome!) And even though I don’t know too much about the DC or Marvel universes, I did see some familiar comics: Adventure Time and Avatar the Last Airbender! I was really excited to see these; I wish I had enough money to buy them.

The store also had several boxes of back issues of various comics, all alphabetized. That was amazing, considering how old DC comics can be. To find something that old for a good price would be pretty lucky, considering how many boxes there were… They took up whole tables! There were also boxes containing full sets of comics, which were pretty expensive — I think I saw one for $120 and another for $600? Despite these prices, I’m sure there are fans who love the comics so much they would save up their money and buy them. It’s totally understandable; if I had more money, I would’ve bought the Avatar comic in a heartbeat! (It was only $11.99 too — not bad!)

I also thought the fact that all the comics were in plastic sleeves was interesting. I guess it would help keep old comics in good condition, but I think it would be more helpful if customers could be able to look at the comic they’re interested in so that they can figure out if they want to buy it or not. (At least, this is what I do with manga volumes. One volume ranges from $10-12, so I like to make sure I’m not wasting my money on something I won’t like.) But I suppose the store has its reasons for selling their comics in plastic sleeves.

In the end, I got 1 comic by a studio called Aspen Comics. The comic is called “Bubble Gun,” and it just so happened to be a special reserved edition of the first issue! For only $1.29, I was pretty excited — and I read it pretty quickly too, haha! The story in it is really interesting, and I do like the sci-fi genre, so I’m looking forward to reading more of it in future issues (or online if I can find it).


This photo is not mine; I found it on this website.

Oh! The store is called Heroes Haven, by the way. (Forgot to mention that out of my excitement; whoops!)

Stay tuned for more cool things! Thanks for reading!


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