The 4-Hour Chef: “Meta Learning” & Cooking

When the author mentioned Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, I was definitely interested in reading his book. If you’ve ever read Zen before, you know that it’s a far cry from a book about actual motorcycle maintenance. (The book is about a lot of things, and it’s mostly philosophical. I had to read it for a high school philosophy class, and it was a challenging read. But definitely worthwhile, when I got to the end.)

What’s really interesting as well is the concept of “meta learning,” which according to the author, involves learning how to learn. This involves three components: 1) deconstruction, 2) selection, 3) sequencing, and 4) stakes. (Check out this interview with the author for more. The video is nearly an hour long, but it’s really interesting!.)

Here’s a trailer that previews the book. (Really neat advertising, right?)

And lastly, here are some interesting reviews about the book. (I hope to get my hands on it soon!)

Although my class is coming to an end, this blog is most certainly not! I plan on publishing one new post a week. Stay tuned for more cool things! :)


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