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Design Thinking and Education

In a trip to the bookstore to browse around for cool magazines and interesting things (like I usually do), I came across a book called “Graphic Design Thinking: Beyond Brainstorming” by Ellen Lupton.

I’ve had an interest in graphic design for quite some time now, but it never really took off until I came across this book. (Click on the cover to see a small preview of it!)

Whenever I find cool books in the bookstore, I grab them off the shelf, find a comfortable corner somewhere to sit down in, and read — usually for a few hours — until I read what I want, after which I put the books back and either find other books, or leave if I have other things to do. (If you’re a short-on-money bookworm like myself, what else are you to do?)

Anyway, this book is so cool. It’s got amazing advice and approaches in it to not only come up with ideas, but on how to look at these ideas in different perspectives and how to bring them to life. It also has a huge variety of examples of each approach (called “case studies”) and if I had enough money for it, I would’ve bought it in a heartbeat.

Here’s a great review about the book, if you’re interested in reading a second opinion, and here’s an interesting website that talks about adopting “design thinking” for education. (You’ll notice that it’s under the company IDEO, which was mentioned in the beginning of class this semester!)

Here are some additional articles/resources about design thinking:

And here are two criticisms of design thinking as well:

I think this idea of “design thinking” neatly sums up the paradigm shift that needs to take place in the current education system. This is indeed the theme of my class, and I was both fascinated and excited to come across it!


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