Final Project

Final Project Idea: ArtScan Device

I developed a new idea for a project lately, and I thought I’d share it. I call it “ArtScan,” and it’s a miniature portable scanner that is built into a framework and allows for on-the-go scanning of artwork that’s on a sheet of paper/canvas or in a sketchbook.

A similar device to this is the scanner mouse, which by moving it over a document, the user can scan it directly to a computer via a USB cable. (Click on the picture to go to the website where it’s sold.)

Main Product Image

Here is a rough design of the idea I came up with. (Click on the image to full view it.)


As for functions, as I mentioned earlier, it would be used for on-the-go scanning of artwork so that the user wouldn’t have to worry about scanning works at home. Easy scanning, USB storage via a thumb drive or another external storage device, and possible conversion into a variety of file types would allow for easy editing at home on a computer. In addition, the scanner could also scan at a variety of resolutions, so that the user could select the quality of their scan. (A built-in mini screen on the scanner, maybe?)

A lot of artists these days use or rely on digital media to get their work out there. This scanning device would help them do just that, with half of the digitizing process already complete at the site of drawing.

This idea needs more work, of course. I want to do some research on optics and how scanners work so that I can further develop the scanning device’s functionality.


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