Final Project

Digital Paper?

Using UV light and laser technology, a regular sheet of paper can be turned into “digital paper.” (Article here.)

Here’s a rough sketch of what I’d like digital paper to be:

  • Digitizeable – anything written or drawn on the paper could be digitized onto a computer and accessible from the digital paper anywhere, anytime
  • Functionality – easy to write on, easy to draw on, easy to carry around
  • Mimicry – like a real sheet of paper, both in texture and in appearance
  • Interactivity – doesn’t need special stylus pens or computer pens to achieve digitize-ability (can use regular pens or pencils)
  • Tablet-like – I have a Wacom Bamboo tablet that is USB-powered and comes with its own software. I can connect it to my computer and use the special stylus pen it comes with to draw and write on the surface, and whatever I put on the surface appears on my computer screen.

Here is the Wacom Bamboo tablet that I have. Pretty cool, huh?


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